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Is Beard Wash Necessary? Does it Really Work?

If you don't use beard wash your beard will fall off your face and likely catch on fire. The end. Next question. 

But seriously, one of the most common questions we get from new beard growers is if beard wash is really necessary?

The truth?

Beard wash is necessary to a clean, healthy beard the same way shampoo is necessary to a clean, healthy head of hair.

Simply put: If you care about your beard, it's necessary.

If you were to place your beard under a microscope, you would see an impressive collection of dirt, grime, oil, dead skin, bacteria, and plenty of crumbs from your last snack. Doritos? 

Naturally you're not going to want to leave all of that crap in your beard to build up and accumulate.

That's where beard wash comes in.

Beard wash will gently cleanse away all of that dirt, oil, grime, and yes, Dorito crumbs so that your beard not only looks great but also feels thicker, fuller, and softer. 

Man with a thick beard

Now you may be wondering: "can't I just skip the beard wash and use regular shampoo on my beard instead?"

The answer: Yes.

You can also brush your teeth with a hair brush and clip your toenails with a pair of scissors while you're at it. 

In other words: We highly recommend using the right tool for the job when it comes to caring for your beard. 

Regular shampoo that is designed for the head can be quite harsh and very drying on the beard and face. This can lead to flaky dry skin and a brittle beard that is susceptible to breakage and split ends. Not good. 

Beard wash on the other hand is specifically formulated to be gentle on the face while still strong enough to rid the beard of all that grime.

Another awesome benefit of beard wash, like our Peppermint & Eucalyptus beard wash, is that it often contains beard beneficial ingredients such as vitamin E and biotin which help improve beard health while simultaneously promoting thicker, stronger growth. 

So is beard wash necessary? Yeah, we'd say so. 

How to Use Beard Wash Properly

Washing your beard doesn't have to be a complicated affair but since you are doing it anyway you might as well do it properly, right?

To help you get the most out of your beard wash, follow these 3 simple steps and enjoy a cleaner, healthier looking beard 

Wet Your Beard

Before you apply beard wash make sure that your beard is wet - really wet. Depending on how thick or dense your beard is, this might take a little longer than you think, so let the water flow through your beard for a minute to ensure that your beard is fully saturated before applying the beard wash. 

Get in Deep

That's what she said. But seriously, one of the most common beard washing mistakes that guys make is they neglect to massage their beard wash all the way down to their beard hair roots and skin. 

When washing your beard use your fingertips to massage the wash into the roots of your beard and the skin underneath your beard. 

This not only helps get a deep down clean, but it also helps slough away all the dead skin cells that are accumulating under your beard which could lead to beard dandruff if left unchecked. 

Rinse thoroughly 

To help avoid buildup and potential skin irritation, make sure you thoroughly rinse your beard to make sure no soap remains. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

Don't wash your beard everyday. Seriously man, don't do it.  

Washing your beard everyday might sound like basic beard maintenance, but it can actually be very drying on your beard causing it to become susceptible to breakage and split ends. 

So if not everyday, how often should you wash your beard?

The truth? There's no one size fits all answer for every guy because it all comes down to skin type. 

Guys with naturally oily skin can get away with washing their beard more often than guys with dry skin because their body will quickly replenish their beard and skin with moisturizing and nourishing natural oils.

Here at The Bearded Grenade we recommend washing your beard 2-4 times per week depending on your skin type, and simply rinse your beard with warm water to remove superficial buildup on non-wash days. 

Thanks for reading!

If you're looking for the best beard wash for your beard, check out our popular plant based beard washes that gently cleanse the beard and skin and help fight beard dandruff and itch.

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