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Barbershop Beard Oil & Beard Balm - Is the Hype Real?

Inside a barbershop

If you've been around the beard game for any amount of time, you've undoubtedly come across barbershop scented beard oil and beard balm. 

It seems like every beard care company out there is producing their own interpretation of the classic barbershop scent, which is understandable considering how popular the barbershop scent profile actually is. 

Ask any beard care company what their best selling beard oil and balm scent is and you'll undoubtedly find that barbershop is usually right around the top of the list. 

What Does Barbershop Smell Like?

Here's the funny thing about the barbershop scent: There isn't a barbershop scent. Well, not just one anyway. 

Ask 10 different men what their idea of the barbershop scent is and you'll probably end up with 10 different answers. 

That's because the barbershop scent is supposed to evoke memories of walking into an old school barbershop. The problem with that idea is that no two barbershops smell exactly the same. 

A brown leather barbershop chair

While some men might describe a barbershop as smelling like talc, tobacco, or citrus, others might say a barbershop smells like aftershave, lavender, or bay rum. 

With so many different scents to work with, it's no wonder why some barbershop scented beard products can smell drastically different from others. 

While you can expect there to be some similarities across brands - most barbershop scents are going to be a unique interpretation of the barbershop scent as experienced by the creator. 

Is Barbershop Scented Beard Oil & Balm all it's Cracked up to be?

So what's the deal? If most barbershop beard oils and balms don't have a standard "barbershop scent", why are they so popular?

Once you stop looking at barbershop as a scent and start looking at it as a genre, it becomes very easy to appreciate all the different variations and nuances across beard care brands. 

While some beard companies might interpret their barbershop scent with notes of lavender and tobacco, other brands might go heavy on the bay rum and talc. 

The truth is, there is no wrong or right when it comes to creating a barbershop scent. 

What Does The Bearded Grenade Barbershop Scent Smell Like?

Here at The Bearded Grenade, we took our time when creating our own interpretation of the classic barbershop scent. 

Aptly named "Wonderful Man", our barbershop scent is meant to evoke every subtle scent, feel, and memory of an old school barbershop.

With notes of eucalyptus, bay rum, tobacco, aftershave, leather, and even fresh brewed coffee - our Wonderful Man barbershop scent is reminiscent of walking through a barbershop as you make your way towards the worn leather barber's chair. 

Thanks for reading! Check out our full line of Wonderful Man scented beard products and experience that classic barbershop scent as told by The Bearded Grenade.

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